Our Digital Marketing strategy is designed to do one thing very well - Perform. We take our clients through a tested and logical 5 step plan. This plan is designed to rive leads and revenue. We focus on results, not a long term branding effort. However, by focusing on search engine optimization and well written, vertically targeted specific content your site will not only dominate Google while we’re working for you but most likely dominate Google long after you don’t need us anymore. Why You Won’t Need Us Forever: Most companies like us want to keep their tricks and tactics a secret so you have to keep paying them year after year. We don’t like that. If you’re interested, we’ll show you EXACTLY how we are doing things so you can take over yourself. Many clients want to be able to execute this themselves but find Web Development, SEO, Social, Mobile and PPC technology that is way too confusing. We set everything up so that you don’t need any technical expertise at all to execute all of these strategies yourself. Along with our focus on SEO, this education is what sets us apart from the competition. How We Work:

Step 1: Evaluating Your Business

We work with you and your team to evaluate your business from every angle. We’ll help you define your Unique Selling Point online, your ideal client you want to attract, and help you create customer persona’s. We’ll also evaluate your current competition online both locally and nationally if applicable to determine what we both need to do to drive new marketshare.

Step 2: Defining SMART Objectives

S.M.A.R.T. Objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. We will sit down with you and define these together in a collaborative approach. These objectives are what we’ll determine if we’re doing the right job for you and your business because they are measurable. Everything we do is measurable.

Step 3: Developing a Comprehensive Strategy

After we know your industry and knowing what objectives we both want to achieve, we will develop a comprehensive strategy to get to our SMART Objectives. We have all the tools in our toolbox including but not limited to SEO, PPC, Social, Video, Mobile, Email, and so many other marketing methods to drive to your objectives.

Step 4: Putting the Implementation Plan in Motion

We’ll execute brilliantly for you and your business. After going trough Steps 1-3, the implementation plan is seamless and typically offers little to know challenges because of all the work we’ve done to get here. You can look over our shoulder every step of the way as we execute these strategies so you can take over if you choose to. Many clients want to save money and do it themselves instead of having others do it for them. If you run into a roadblock and your implementation plan needs to be re-visited, we can come in and offer advise free of charge.

Step 5: Measure and Improve

Day by day, week by week, month by month, we will continue to measure our current results and test new implementation strategies to improve our results. To us, nothing is ever done online. There is always room for improvement and by A-B testing, we look to improve upon our control. If you take this effort on yourself, we will show you what to measure and how to split test so that you can continue to improve on your results.