TV Campaigns

TV can be a very effective medium but many people tune out before your commercial is actually seen. To avoid the channel flipping issue, we can buy commercials on a cost per view basis. That is, you only pay for the actual households who viewed your commercial. Technology has allowed certain providers to track this metric. We work with these providers and are a means for them to unload their unused inventory. Sometimes there is no inventory and this is a problem that just can't be avoided so we combat it a different way - Buying other sources cheap! Below are the types of Television Media that we can buy: National Network: Use this to reach Millions in the US. This is the most costly but for National Based customers, this is the only medium that makes sense. Satellite: You can still reach the entire US or you can drill down to very specific local markets. This method allows us to track the actual viewers so you don't pay per spot but you pay per viewer. If everyone decides to change the channel at commercial break, you pay nothing! Cable: Similar to Satellite, you can reach the entire US or you can have your commercial viewed just in your county. Cable can be very inexpensive and effective. We've bought 30 second cable spots for under $1. Local Broadcast: This allows you to reach households as far as their antenna's will allow them to. Local Stations are notorious for driving prices up when there really is no demand. Hence, many local stations are desperate to fill the unused airtime. We work with the local station manager to make your dollar go as far as possible with your local station.